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Antaoque is a brand of Jodao company(Jodao Import and Export Trade (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.). It is an expert of pottery producing and Chinese pottery culture transmission. We established it in 2021 and growing rapidly. Rather than developing the tradition pottery craft of China, we dip more in new pottery cultures and innovations. And we initialize combining traditional technologies with modern ideas. Antao pottery, one of the four most famous Chinese potteries(Antao pottery of Chongqing City, Zitao pottery of Yunnan Province, Zisha pottery of Jiangshu Province, Guitao pottery of Guangxi Province), is our speciality.

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We named it according the source area, Anfu town in Rongchang district of Chongqing City, which is the largest city in China. Instead of expertise of handmade skill of the other three famous potteries, Antao stands out of the source clay. The mixture of red and white mud near Anfu town is so rare that only potteries produced here has the highest density and quality. As an exciting brand of transmitting Chinese pottery culture, Antaoque can’t wait to share such great pottery stories with people all over the world who is also interested in pottery culture and knowledges. If you are the one we are finding, please contact us or leave your message in our email address, we are hoping for cooperating with you.

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